Upper Floor Exhibitions for 2022

Making Marks - Rachel Rogers - 12th March - 24th April 2022


Canvas and Clay - Ceramics by Tydd Pottery and Paintings by Carole Ann Grace  7th May - 19th June 2022

Blue Skies and Sunshine - A lovely Summer show with work by local and national artists.

23rd July - 11th September 2022

SENPA - South East Northern Potters Association

8th October - 6th November 2022

Blue Skies and Sunshine
Summer Show with work by local and national artists 
 23rd July - 11th September 2022

Into the Blue.jpg
Anna Cook
Lincoln Cathedral - Ian Scott Massie.jpeg

Canvas and Clay
New work by Tydd Pottery and paintings by Carole Ann Grace
7th May - 19th June 2022

Making Marks 

 Rachel Rogers

 12th March - 24th April 2022

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Christmas Cracker poster

A Christmas Cracker 

 20th November 2021 - 9th January 2022

A wonderful array of unique, handcrafted, gift and cards waiting to be discovered in our annual exhibition on the upper floor with all work created by artists from around the country.


 Kevin Wallhead


A reflection and progression of ideas and influences.

September 11th to October 24th 2021

Having recently looked into his family DNA, ancestry and heritage, Lincoln artist Kevin Wallhead BA has fused together some of his original influences from his artistic journey over the last twenty five years. By incorporating ancient crafts with modern issues Kevin attempts to understand the fabric of our society.

“Where we all come from is the common thread, where we are all going is what should bind us all together.”

Tribe was originally planned to be shown in May 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID.

Transitory IV (2019) 60x23cm. Glass, copper, schlag, sterling silver, 24ct gold.jpg
Tribus I -VI. (2020) Glass, copper, schlag, sterling silver, 24ct gold..jpg