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            Exhibiting In The Upper Gallery

Bringing new and exciting work to Lincoln is an essential feature of how Harding House Gallery promotes the visual arts and, since we opened in 1994, we have staged numerous and varied exhibitions in the Upper Gallery. There are many great reasons for staging your exhibition with us: - 

1. Our upper exhibition Gallery is a large, bright space in a beautiful listed building.

2. We provide plinths and a hanging system so there are many ways for you to display your work.

We also have an 'Exhibition window' looking out onto the famous Steep Hill to attract people in.

3. We are in an excellent catchment area for attracting passing visitors, both local and International, who   call in frequently because of the excellent shop that showcases artists work on the lower floor. They are always encouraged to wander upstairs.

4. Members from our group can be on hand to help with your installation if required.

5. We are open 7 days a week with a member on duty every day to take care of any sales, wrap items, and answer queries about the work on show. This proves very helpful for both individual artists and groups as it saves them having to be there all the time.

6. The cost for hiring the upper gallery is just £75 per week plus 40% commissions on sales. 

7. We always promote our exhibitions well, both before and during the time it is open, over social media platforms and in local and national press.

8. If you would like to stage a preview or a Meet the Artists event on the open day we will promote that over all our channels and can supply a table, glasses, plates etc if required. You just have to provide and drinks any nibbles. 


Due to our popularity we are often booked well in advance so, if you would like to be considered for an exhibition, please contact our Exhibition Curators at Harding House Gallery for full information.

The exhibitions contact email is



A Splash of Colour 

Feb 8th - March 21st 2020


Our first exhibition in the Upper Gallery this year features Gallery Member Adele Billinghay. February 8th - March 21st 2020. "Colour can make us feel alive and stimulate the senses when trudging through the dismal, grey days in life. It creates warmth in a cold corner, adds excitement and movement, calms a racing mind, and evokes memories of seasons, places and people. Sometimes it takes just a splash of colour to brighten the day and bring a smile."

Splash of colour banner.jpg

Christmas 2019

"Baby, it's cold outside..."

November 14, 2019 - January 05, 2020



If you're searching for the perfect gift,our fabulous festive show features

a superb choice of unique works to suit all pockets. 

Upstairs we have snowmen, ceramics, jewellery, paintings, prints

and a charming range of funky stationery.

25 years in the Making


Join us in a fabulous celebration of 25 years  

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