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Harding House is a magnificent listed building situated in a prime position on Steep Hill within the Cathedral Quarter of Lincoln City Centre. The gallery is well established and provides a unique and exciting venue for contemporary art and craft. Formed as an artist’s co-operative in 1994, the gallery is managed and staffed by a friendly and committed group of artists and makers.


We also act as an agent for other professional artists and makers and operate a sale or return policy charging 40% commission on all work sold. There are two galleries at Harding House : - the downstairs gallery displays a comprehensive range of contemporary work for sale including paintings, ceramics, glass, jewellery, photography and metalwork, while the Upper Gallery is used for temporary exhibitions.

Please look at the images of work on our website to give you an idea of the type of work we sell/exhibit at Harding House Gallery. The gallery is open throughout the year, Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 5.00pm (Closed on Monday's Jan/Feb) and 11am to 4.00pm on Sundays. We are also open later on some evenings in November and December.

How to Apply: If you would like to sell your work in the Harding House Gallery please read the information below first then email or ring us to let us know you wish to apply and find out when our next meeting will take place. Once you have had a reply, you will need to provide the following:

A small body of original (retail priced) high quality work that you want to display in the gallery. Please note we will not accept photographs or emails as need to see the full quality of the work. Work should be fully framed or as it would be displayed to sell as, if accepted, it could be put out asap.

• Images/photographs of other work which you may wish to include to support your application.

• A short written description of the type of work or an artist’s statement.

• An up-to-date CV.

Once submitted to the gallery your application will be considered by the group at the next meeting which usually takes place on the third Thursday of each month.



Harding House Co-operative is just what its name implies and becoming a member carries with it both benefits and obligations. The benefits are many, Lincoln is a city on the tourist trail with many visitors from overseas throughout the year. We are in a prime location on Steep Hill with Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral close by and the Bailgate shopping area that is a favourite for residents and tourists alike. Tourists and locals walk up and down the hill all year round and during Christmas the uphill area is often thronged with visitors. Steep Hill was named ‘Britain’s Best Place’ by the Academy of Urbanism in 2011.


The gallery is run as a co-operative by a group of up to 8 members, all of whom are professional artists and makers of contemporary art and craft. The members of the co-operative have usually sold items with us before on a Sale or Return basis, so we know their work is of high quality and sells well. They are all responsible for the staffing and day to day running of the gallery. The cooperative is non profit making and all income is diverted back into the gallery.


How it Works: As a member of Harding House Co-operative you would have your own designated space within the gallery to exhibit your work. Being able to display a large body of work is very advantageous and increases the likelihood of sales. You would pay a small commission on any work sold and a monthly rent to the gallery for use of the space.


You would have the chance to promote yourself and your work whenever you are manning the gallery. There would  also be the opportunity to have solo, or joint (with other members), exhibitions in the upstairs gallery at no cost and you would be part of a group of working artists and makers who are supportive of each other and their work.


Being part of the co-operative is a serious commitment : As a member you are expected to act responsibly and with consideration for the other members and our customers. There is a trial period of six months on both sides to make sure you are happy with what needs to be done and we are happy that you fit well into the group. There is a mentoring scheme for new members and training is given with other members throughout the trial period. All members pay a small monthly rent or retainer to the gallery. A staffing rota is drawn up two months in advance and members choose their days for manning the gallery spending on average 4 days a month staffing the gallery other than at our busiest time in November and December when it can be much more. The rota is usually flexible and negotiable where possible but it is important that you are available to cover all the allocated days. Each member is given a specific responsibility regarding the running of the gallery such as the Website, Secretary, Exhibitions etc which is integral to the successful running of the business - this will be discussed with you if you are accepted. Once fully accepted six months notice in writing is required for cessation of membership.


Various day to day tasks such as tidying, cleaning and paperwork for sales are always necessary and undertaken by whoever is on duty that day. You must be friendly, helpful and comfortable talking to all our customers. Minuted meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of each month at 6.00pm - it is important that all members attend as Gallery business is discussed and decisions are made to ensure the smooth day to day running of the gallery. Submitted work for membership and for sale or return are considered and voted on for acceptance into the gallery.


How to Apply: Anyone who wishes to apply to become a member of the Harding House Co-operative must be a professional artist (sorry no hobbyists) and have sold their work either through us or elsewhere. Please email or ring us first then, once you have had a reply, you will need to provide the following:

A small body of original (retail priced) work which illustrates what would be put on display in the gallery. Please note we cannot just accept photographs or links to websites as we need to see the full quality of the work. If you already sell your work with us then examples of any other pieces would be looked at too.

• Images/photographs of other work which you may wish to include to support your application.

• A short written description of the type of work or an artist’s statement.

• An up to date CV. Let us know what skills/experience you have that would help with running the gallery.

• If your work is accepted you will be invited for an interview/chat with the group so we will find out a little more about you and you can ask any questions.

Decisions for applications

Once submitted to the gallery, your application will be considered by the group.

Any decisions are given by telephone or email following the meeting.

Please note that, as we have many applications to deal with,  we cannot give feedback if you are not accepted but do not be disheartened. We only have a small space and your work may just not be right for us at this time - this is not a reflection on your ability.

All submitted work that has not been accepted must be collected from us asap. We have very little storage space and do not post work back unless in exceptional circumstances and then the cost would have to be covered by the artist.

If you wish to find out more, you can email us at, ring us on 01522 523537, or come in and speak to the person behind the desk. We will always be pleased to meet you and answer any queries you may have but do be patient if we are busy with our customers.

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