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H A R D I N G   H O U S E   G A L L E R Y 

 An  A r t i s t ' s   C o - o p e r a t i v e  i n   t h e
   h e a r t   o f  h i s t o r i c   L i n c o l n

A fabulous jewel in Lincoln's Medieval crown, the Gallery is housed in a half timbered Grade II listed building
constructed in the 15th Century with the lower floor built of stone, while the upper floor is timber framed.
Most probably a merchant’s house, for records show evidence of use in the weaving trade, this lovely old building now provides a unique and exciting place for artists to exhibit their work. It is run by a diverse group of artists and makers who are responsible for the staffing and daily functioning of the Gallery and help to promote the arts throughout the region by featuring contemporary art and beautiful, handcrafted work in a wide range of materials.
The Gallery is well situated on the famous Steep Hill with a direct route to the Lincoln Cathedral and Castle.
The upper gallery hosts an ongoing, vibrant exhibition programme for both solo and group shows.

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