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Adele Billinghay

Recycled Glass Art

I use recycled waste glass in my work, often from old windows which normally end in landfill sites. I prefer it to be re-used bycreating something with a continuing story.

Inspired by many things in nature, erosion and architecture, I am alsointerested in contrasts of texture, tone, light and shadow. The countryside and coast often influence my work:big skies, wild grass fields, empty beaches and corroding piers. I also focus on the little things too: patterning in a feather, striations in sea-washed pebbles and bright colour flashes from tiny butterflies.

My love of things old and unwanted influences my latest work too by referencing antique items that may have held some special meaning for previous owners. Well-lovedvintage books with decorative covers and intriguing titles, old broken clocks or vintage barometers all have extra little touches of nature gradually creeping in.

My pieces may incorporate splashes of joyfully bright colours or paler pastel shades for a romantic aged effect. Conversely, they may simply be monochromatic to focus on the design and shape of a subject. I useinclusions such as metal leaf and glassfritand I incorporate my own photographicdetails which arethen hand painted with enamelsreminiscent of the old tinted photos of my childhood. The differentmaterials are used to emphasise the ideas encased within.

Using recycled materials means the results can be unpredictable whichadds an element of excitement and anticipation each time I create something new. This also ensures every piece I make is as unique as its origins.






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