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A Splash of Colour

February 08, 2020 - March 21, 2020

Our first exhibition in the Upper Gallery this year features Gallery Member Adele Billinghay.

February 8th - March 21st

"Colour can make us feel alive and stimulate the senses when trudging through the dismal, grey days in life. It creates warmth in a cold corner, adds excitement and movement, calms a racing mind, and evokes memories of seasons, places and people.

Sometimes it takes just a splash of colour to brighten the day and bring a smile."

2020 Upper Gallery Exhibitions

January 11th - 26th  -  "Under the Bed Sale"

February 8th - March 21st  - "A Splash of Colour"  Adele Billinghay

March 28th - April 26th  -  Rachel Rodger

May 2nd - June 14th  - "Tribe"   Kevin Wallhead

June 20th - July 18th  -  Invited Artists

July 25th - September 6th  -  Summer Exhibition    Invited Artists

September 19th - October 31st  -   David Sharpe

November 14th - January 5th 2021   -  Christmas Exhibition


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