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Getting There

February 10, 2018 - March 11, 2018

Don't miss this first solo exhibition at Harding House Gallery by Glass Artist Adele Billinghay...

10th February - 11th March 2018


'When asked how well my work is going the reply is inevitably ‘It’s getting there’. Like many artists working in any medium, no matter how long I work on something I am often never fully satisfied with the final outcome. There is always the belief that things could be taken a little further, made just a little bit better, yet also knowing when to stop before I make things worse instead.

Old glass in particular holds a fascination for me. It has its own history, often coming from dilapidated houses, overgrown gardens or even exotic cruise ships, that may dictate the final result. I enjoy turning this waste material into something new and interesting, whilst along the way striving to learn different processes and techniques to better convey my ideas.

This exhibition has examples ranging from earlier pieces through to my most recent work showing a continuing journey using glass as an art form and, whilst I know I am really just beginning, I like to feel I am getting there.'

  • Hidden Treasures
    Hidden Treasures
  • Fungi
  • Moonlit Meadow
    Moonlit Meadow


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